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  • Traffic Shockwave

    Trawffic shockave

    Graphic ran as part of a series in the Cleveland Plain Dealer explaining common traffic phenomena.

  • The Palladium

    A 3D diagram of the Palladium concert hall at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, Ind., supported by visual reporting on the acoustics, seating and design influences. Indianapolis Star

  • First Flight

    Graphic timed with the centennial of the Wright brothers' first powered flight in 1903 details the plane, the 12-second flight and the base camp at Kill Devil Hills, N.C. — Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Muncie Fieldhouse

    Historic basketball gym rendered as a virtual 3D environment. Modeled in LightWave 3D. View the 360 here.Muncie, Ind.

  • School referenda and enrollment

    Chart tracks the outcomes of school referendum votes in Indianapolis area school districts. - Indianapolis Star

  • Courthouse

    Diagram details the renovation of the federal courthouse in Cleveland. — Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Holy Family

    Interactive 360 shows visitors the interior of a church sanctuary. Modeled in LightWave 3D. View the 360 here.Holy Family Episcopal, Fishers, Ind.

  • Types of fireworks

    Animated explanatory video demonstrates varieties and chemical compositions of common fireworks. View the video here.Indianapolis Star

  • Big Bass Drum

    This animation accompanied an Indianapolis Star video on the history of Purdue University's 90-year-old "Big Bass Drum."

  • Another brewery

    3D illustration accompanied an analysis on the rapid boom in Indy's craft beer scene. — Indianapolis Star

  • Monument Deck

    Graphic details the construction of a new observation deck and repairs to the Victory statue atop the iconic Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Downtown Indianapolis. — Indianapolis Star

  • Green Burial

    Diagram compares a green burial to a traditional casket and vault burial. — Indianapolis Star

  • Indiana Pacers' halftime recoveries

    Chart shows how the 2014-15 Pacers fared based on their scoring deficit at halftime. Scatterplot built using R. - Indianapolis Star

  • Euclid Corridor

    Graphic highlighted the features of the Euclid Avenue corridor in Cleveland.

  • Colts' Competition

    Conceptual 3D Illustration of a Newton's Cradle for a story on the Colts playoff run in 2006-07 season. Created with Lightwave 3D 9.6. — Indianapolis Star

  • Venture capital funding in Indiana

    Chart compares business start-ups and venture capital funding per capita in Indiana to the U.S. - Indianapolis Star

  • Multi-use Drug

    3D illustration (created with Lightwave 3D 9.6) to run with story about versatility of Lilly blockbuster drug Cymbalta. - Indianapolis Star

  • A late-season sprint

    Chart tracks the 2014-15 Pacers' climb in win-loss record against key Eastern Conference rivals. - Indianapolis Star

  • Indiana casinos take a hit

    3D Illustration accompanied a Star series on how new casinos in neighboring states will affect Indiana's gaming places. Created with Lightwave 3D 11.5. — Indianapolis Star

  • Erie Mirage

    Vector diagram explains how a superior mirage could give Clevelanders a glimpse of Canada across Lake Erie — were conditions just right. The last recorded instance of this was in 1906. — Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Childrens Museum

    Graphic details new addition to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum and visually shows the history of the complex, 1978 to present. - Indianapolis Star

  • A season under .500

    Chart tracks the 2014-15 Pacers' season in relation to the .500 mark. - Indianapolis Star

  • Final Shuttle Launch

    An A1 graphic — timed with the final launch of space shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-135 — that shows the history of shuttle launches. - Indianapolis Star

  • Toxic Trailers

    Graphic ran with a story on an investigation into the links between camping trailers and formaldehyde gas. - Indianapolis Star

  • Arctic Thaw

    Melting arctic ice

    Based on a NASA study of sea levels and polar ice, this graphic detailed the disappearance of perennial sea ice in the Arctic region. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Indy Airport

    A 3D cutaway with ancillary reporting on the cooler features of a new terminal at Indianapolis International Airport (IND). - Indianapolis Star

  • NASCAR road rage

    3D Illustration appeared on a the cover of a Brickyard 400 special section whose main story chronicled racing agression. Created with Lightwave 3D 9.6. — Indianapolis Star

  • Indians 2005 Season

    Chart tracks the Indians' and noted American League clubs' relation to the .500 mark throughout the 2005 season. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Erie Sewer

    Graphic shows how workers constructed a discharge pipe under Lake Erie. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Spectrometer

    3D diagram details how a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer — one of eight in the U.S. — helps researchers study protein molecules. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • State Champs

    3D cover illustration for story about rush of state high school championships. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Rebuilding

    Colts special section cover on the team's efforts to get back to the Super Bowl. - Indianapolis Star

  • Cave Map

    Illustrated map of Marengo Cave in southern Indiana. - Indianapolis Star

  • Wind Gauge

    3D diagram shows how a highly visible intake crib on Lake Erie became a state-of-the-art wind monitoring station. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Interstates

    On the 50th anniversary of the modern Interstate system, I mapped and charted the growth of the network by decade. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Lombardi Trophy

    A cover illustration for a pecial preview section to Super Bowl XLI in 2007 places the Lombardi Trophy on Monument Circle. - Indianapolis Star

  • Traveler Screening

    Vector graphic shows how an airport passenger screening system works. - Indianapolis Star

  • Winter Olympics

    A map and schedule for the 2006 Torino Winter Games. Map created in Lightwave 8. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Star@Sunrise

    Star@Sunrise intro

    Bumper pre-roll for IndyStar.com's "Star@Sunrise" videos hosted by Paul Poteet. - Indianapolis Star

  • Quarterback Suite

    3D diagram of Quarterback Suite in Lucas Oil Stadium. Ran as part of a preview section prior to opening. - Indianapolis Star

  • Wind Spire

    Graphic details a unique rooftop structure that channels wind into energy. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Robot mower

    Robot mower

    Appeared in a larger interactive explaining robotic lawnmowers - Indianapolis Star

  • I-69 costs

    Interstate 69 expansion

    Appeared in a larger video explaining the costs related to the Interstate 69 expansion in southern Indiana. - Indianapolis Star

  • I-69 route

    Interstate 69 expansion

    Appeared in a larger video explaining the costs related to the Interstate 69 expansion in southern Indiana. - Indianapolis Star

  • Sewage outflows in Indianapolis

    sewage outflow

    Appeared in a larger video explaining the costs related to the Interstate 69 expansion in southern Indiana. - Indianapolis Star

  • New traffic signals in Fishers

    traffic signal

    Accompanied my larger video and news report detailing a unique traffic system in Fishers, Ind. - Indianapolis Star

  • Homicides by the numbers

    marion homicides

    My by-the-numbers look at Marion County's homicide rate among young males. - Indianapolis Star

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